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The background is the real history, and the character is a emblematical hero, I’m supposed that it’s not easy to represent it ,but Mel Gibson done it very well in the whole story,the scenario conception and the figure. All of these made this film winningness.First, I’d like to introduce the struction of the whole story.Neither deviating the background of that Scotch against the southron,nor representing the conflict directly and painstaking.At the beginning of the film, the death of Wallace ‘s father and relation is expressed so that Wallace experienced that affliction in a juvenile view.After that Wallace returned the hometown.Then he met Meulen,a great love had occured.They love each other very much.When they want to spend their lives calmly and numbly,the conflict sharpened,and a hero appeared.

When I watched the film at the first time,I made confusion for a long time.Is the hero’s accomplishment based on this way?I’m deluded.I tried to find answers in historic books.But I know it is furitless. Even as the expression of the film,Wallace has become a fable,no matter whether it accorded with the history,the folk willbe glad to talk to you,it’s true. It seems that the elders tell us a long long time story. The more important is,the story can inspire us.

After Wallace became the civil chief of Scotland,the stroy never became humdrum and vapidity.The battle scene is intensity and exciting.It shows the Hollywood’s feature,not only battle of wits, as also battle of forces,the Wallace’s hero visualize substantiated increasingly.Then,another woman appeared.Love throughout the whole story, and it gave Wallace abundant sensation color.

Do you remember the scene when Wallace was serving the sentence?The scene is wonderful,first the foil of music is perfect,the people’s emotion is mobilized competely.Second the menu’s switch also played a great role,the ambience became very strained.At Wallace’last gasp,he shouted”freedom” with all his energy.At then,he saw his beautiful wife Meulen.Comparing with the wild-eyed hero,Wallace missed his wife eventually.

Mel Gibson is from regular professional training,his exterior and temperament played a important part in figuring Wallace’s visual.His blue eyes is so beautiful that he is geist.

The success of that film is proved by the oscar prize,but I want to tell you something which is deficiency.The film is beginned by the love and ended by the nation.The transition is a little abruptness,compared with Wallace who impel the nation.He stood aloof from the worldly affairs at the beginning,so I think it cannot act as a hero.

The incidental music of the film is very excellent,especially the Scoland bagpipe is very charming.Although the music by James Horton hadn’t got prize,but I think it is more excellent than ,the structure is more complex,and concerted the scenario,it also play an important role.

Questions and Answers

Q1: Why do you think is more excellent than ?

A1: As I say, the structure is more complex, and concerted the scenario played a important role. is a tragedy, but the style of is battle. In the , the incidental music is excellent, especially the Scotland bagpipe. And it shows a nation’s spirit.

Q2: Do you think Wallace could not be a hero without Meulen?

A2: The power of love is gigantic, but I think it’s not the decisive factor to success. Love is just impel his success. Though we can not lack of it,love is not the whole life.

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